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Euro Motors Italia

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Euro Motors Italia

Euro Motors Italia

Müşterilerimize Euro Motors Italia ürünleri ve yedek parçaları yelpazesi sunuyoruz. Euro Motors Italia serimizi aşağıdan kontrol edebilirsiniz. İhtiyacınız olan ürünü bulamazsanız, lütfen bize bildirin. Teklifler ve teslim süresi için lütfen istek formunu doldurun veya ürün kodlarınızı doğrudan adresine gönderin. Siparişinizi en kısa sürede alacaksınız çünkü doğrudan birçok marka ile çalışıyoruz.

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Sitedeki Euro Motors Italia markasına ait ürünler, ticari marka sahibine aittir. Meltaş şirketi - markanın resmi distribütörü veya temsilcisi değildir.

Marka hakkında bilgi

Euro Motors Italia carries out independent development and production of specialized fans and electric motors. The equipment of the brand is used to form effective air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems, ensuring cost-effective and high-quality air purification, as well as control of its temperature in any type of facilities. The company has been operating since 1988 and has reached a leading position in its segment of the world market.

The physical location of production facilities, research laboratories, as well as the main office of the manufacturer is the city Grezzago. Currently, the company employs about one hundred qualified employees with extensive experience, who oversee the production of standard models and fulfill orders for individual developments. Euro Motors Italia offers not only a standardized approach to the formation of a ventilation system or temperature control, but also individual solutions based on the specifications of each customer.

Electric motors.

The wide range of electric motors of Euro Motors Italia, allows you to create a simple air extraction system using a 2 watt equipment to ensure cleaning of a large production room using a massive and reliable system with a consumption from 2 to 600 watts. In their product range, you can find small single-phase motors (power up to 110 W and capacitor which function with a transformer), two and three-phase models, as well as equipment with reduced power consumption.

Futhermore, is the production of electric motors, equipped with a capacitor and supplied together with the launcher. All motors up to 600 watts are IP20 compliant. Motors for fans provide IP32 protection class and an output power of not more than 75 watts.


The product range of Euro Motors Italia includes radial and axial fans, which can be used to create a reliable air conditioning and cooling system. Equipment for fan coils is also available, which is fit with special blades of aluminum alloy and has an increased reliability and resistance to external influences, providing from 1 to 6 speeds.

Euro Motors Italia also offers assembly of fans and single-phase motors, which are the optimal choice for the refrigerated display case and ensure the safety of products for a long time without unnecessary power consumption. The design has a closed type, which eliminates the influence of external odors and allows maintaining a certain temperature even at high humidity. The rotation speed of these fans is 2500 rpm and their resistance to temperature effects allows you to work in conditions of up to -30 degrees.

The fans that are used for condensers and evaporators are equipped with single-phase motors with a rotation speed of 1300 rpm and a degree of protection IP42. This kind of equipment consumes 200-1500 m3/h of air.