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Müşterilerimize Elettrotec ürünleri ve yedek parçaları yelpazesi sunuyoruz. Elettrotec serimizi aşağıdan kontrol edebilirsiniz. İhtiyacınız olan ürünü bulamazsanız, lütfen bize bildirin. Teklifler ve teslim süresi için lütfen istek formunu doldurun veya ürün kodlarınızı doğrudan adresine gönderin. Siparişinizi en kısa sürede alacaksınız çünkü doğrudan birçok marka ile çalışıyoruz.

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Sitedeki Elettrotec markasına ait ürünler, ticari marka sahibine aittir. Meltaş şirketi - markanın resmi distribütörü veya temsilcisi değildir.

Marka hakkında bilgi

ELETTROTEC started working in 1977 in the north of Italy, in Milan. The main task of the company was the release of sensors for monitoring liquid and gas. They are widely used in industrial and productive activity. The quality of the products was highly appreciated in the world market, and in 1993 the company received the ISO 9002 system certificate. Today, the company's products are used all over the world. More than two hundred countries incl. Ukraine successfully sell and use ELETTROTEC products.

ELETTROTEC products:
The catalog is represented by control devices, operating in various types of industrial production: automated (semi automated), hydraulic, pneumatic, liquid, in systems whose air pressure reaches 600 bar.

  • pressure and level switches for liquids and gases;
  • vacuum switches;
  • temperature switches;
  • flow indicators;
  • flow and pressure switches;
  • liquid or gas level monitoring systems;
  • liquid or gas level sensors;
  • digital indicators;
  • spare parts: protective caps, connectors.

The produced pressure sensors are varied by:

  • type of output: ratiometric, three-wire and two-wire;
  • operating pressure range: 0-10 / 16/25/40/60/100/160/250/400/600 bar;
  • “smart” sensors (used in automated systems);
  • ability to program the duty cycle on two principles:

1. setting the alarm or digital alert;
2. setting a complete lock, turn off or change the adjustment depending on the change of level indicators.

Own development and research form the basis for equipment manufacture and maintenance. Equipment production is thoroughly checked for consistency with the rules prescribed by ISO 9002 standards.

The high quality of the produced equipment is supported by certificates. All products presented in the company's assortment s are characterized by compatibility with equipment of all types, regardless of the tasks they perform.

The company's products are equipped with a special alarm in case of breakdown. Sudden malfunctions or damage of the equipment are almost impossible due to improved strength and established operating time.

High-quality work of technical equipment in industrial production is achieved through own innovative developments of the company. The product range is represented by equipment that measures and controls:

  • pressure;
  • vacuum;
  • temperature;
  • level;
  • consumption;
  • sounding

The company's catalog is represented by many types of equipment: pressure control sensors, vacuum switches, float level switches, flow indicators, switches, temperature switches, fluid level sensors, digital devices.

In the case of special customer requirements and specific orders, we offer our own engineering solutions and an updated range of “smart” devices (electronic sensors, regulators, thermal switches). Due to an accurate study of industrial production processes, the ever-increasing global market demand for the company's products is being met.

Products under ELETTROTEC brand are the benchmark of power and quality for the automatic, hydraulic, pneumatic industries, food and brewing production, packaging production, chemical and pharmaceutical production, agricultural and earth-moving machines, medical equipment, hospital equipment, systems related to environmental protection - water purification, fire, heat exchange equipment and HVAC & R.

Economic efficiency, meeting market requirements and  universality of solutions are ensured by the volume investment in R & D.
ELETTROTEC products are certified and meet UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standards.