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Azbil (formerly Yamatake)

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Azbil (formerly Yamatake)

Azbil (formerly Yamatake)

Müşterilerimize Azbil (formerly Yamatake) ürünleri ve yedek parçaları yelpazesi sunuyoruz. Azbil (formerly Yamatake) serimizi aşağıdan kontrol edebilirsiniz. İhtiyacınız olan ürünü bulamazsanız, lütfen bize bildirin. Teklifler ve teslim süresi için lütfen istek formunu doldurun veya ürün kodlarınızı doğrudan adresine gönderin. Siparişinizi en kısa sürede alacaksınız çünkü doğrudan birçok marka ile çalışıyoruz.

Ürün kataloğunu göster
Sitedeki Azbil (formerly Yamatake) markasına ait ürünler, ticari marka sahibine aittir. Meltaş şirketi - markanın resmi distribütörü veya temsilcisi değildir.

Marka hakkında bilgi

Azbil is a well-known Japanese corporation that manufactures instruments for measuring and controling in various industries. The abbreviated name of Automation-Zone-Builder Corporation, in the past Yamatake, which unites a number of companies manufacturing industrial automation equipment. Today the company also produces and sells original innovative automation tools.

Why customers in the market prefer products of this company:
1. It meets all international quality requirements, as evidenced by certificates;
2. All products and services from Azbil are customer oriented.

The range of equipment can be divided into several groups:
- building automation (increase the functionality of factory engineering systems, building safety, energy, saving ratio);
- controls (control and regulate the indicators of pressure and temperature);
- energy saving systems (they allow to improve the quality of work of electrical equipment, and are intended both for private and industrial use);
- regulators of electricity and humidity (to stabilize);
- electronic regulators #;
- a group of sensors and components (regulate humidity, pressure and temperature in different environments);
- switches .
- a number of controllers, converters and recorders to control the work process.

Azbil products today are successfully implemented in many countries. Japanese quality and innovative approaches to production, as well as the use of the highest quality materials leave no doubt to customers about the choice.

  • building management system: Building Management System savic-net FX;
  • system management (FX SMS server): BCY45300M;
  • data storage (FX DSS server): BCY46300M;
  • primary system server (FX SCS): BCY44100;
  • consolidated management server (FX MIS): BCY45301M;
  • alert / graphical master driver (FX AGM): BCY53100;
  • Energy Information Server: Energy Data Server;
  • Smart Screen (SmartScreen): BCY2211.

  • FX BEMS server;
  • energy data: Energy Data Server;
  • FX EDS server (power consumption data): BSY472000009;
  • VWV Control;
  • minimization of a fence outside. Air: Minimum Outdoor Air Intake;
  • ventilation systems for parkings: Parking Lot Ventilation;
  • Primary Pump VWV Control;
  • AHU VSD Control;
  • ACTIVAL PLUS two-channel intelligent distributors with electric drive: FVY5167J (flange connection PN10 / GG-20), FVY5160J00 (flange connection JIS 10K / FC200);
  • Two-channel separate distributors ACTIVAL PLUS with electric drive: FVY5137, FVY5147, FVY5157 (flange connection PN 10 / GG-20); FVY5130, FVY5140, FVY5150 (flange connection JIS 10K / FC200).

  • thermostats and humidity regulators for Neostat rooms: TY600, TTY602, TY900, HY600, HY900;
  • plug-in temperature controllers: TY6800, TTY6800; proportional regulation - TY9800;
  • room temperature controller: TY6300;
  • differential pressure switch: PYY-604;
  • differential pressure meter: PYY-DG85;
  • electrical level sensors for explosive and corrosive liquids: GYY-ELR-4, GYY-ELM-4, GYY-ELR-4, GYY-ELM-4;
  • level control and indication: GYY-SL.

  • direct-acting multi-purpose controllers: WY5511, WY5311, WY5610, WY5611;
  • AC current controllers: WY5317C0, WY5517C, WY5317C0;
  • data acquisition panels: WY5510 (type IP), WY5110, WY5310 (LonTalk), WY7208W;
  • Interface I / O modules: RY50;
  • operator panels: QY5100, RY5001;
  • direct acting regulators: BCY43100, WY2001, WY7400, QY51, QY7205, QY7290;
  • ZM controllers: WY5522, WY5122, WY5322;
  • FC Fan Coil controllers: WY5205, WY5305;
  • VC VAV controllers with drive: WY5206, WY5306;
  • Infilex SC AHU controllers: WY5207, WY5307;
  • PARAMATRIX-III controllers: WY7400S, WY7400T;
  • electronic regulators of tower cooler MIZCON Plus: R7010W;
  • single-circuit electronic regulators: R15, R35, R36.

  • 2-way valves: FVY51, VY51;
  • operator panel: QY5000;
  • pipe temperature sensors: TY7820, TY783;
  • dampers: MY80;
  • ball valves: MY53;
  • 3-wire valve: VY54;
  • Intelligente Zweikanal-Verteiler mit elektrischem Antrieb: FVY5167J (Flanschanschluss PN10 / GG-20), FVY5160J00 (Flanschanschluss JIS 10K / FC200);
  • Zweikanalige getrennte Verteiler ACTIVAL PLUS mit elektrischem Antrieb: FVY5137, FVY5147, FVY5157 (Flanschanschluss PN 10 / GG-20); FVY5130, FVY5140, FVY5150 (Flanschverbindung JIS 10K / FC200).
  • I / O modules: RY50;
  • cable entry with three ports: DY7000;
  • temperature / humidity sensors: TY7043, TY7053, HY7043, HTY7043, TY78, HY78, HTY78;
  • dew point sensors: HY79, HTY79;
  • ceiling sensors: TY7301, TY7033, HTY7033;
  • temperature sensors: TY783;
  • CO2 and carbon monoxide concentration sensors: CY7101, CY8100C, CY7200A;
  • pressure transducer / differential pressure sensor: PY7100A / PY8000D;
  • photoelectric and fiber-optic sensors: HPF, HPX-AG, HPX, HPX-MA;
  • distance sensors: FL7M, FL7S, FL7N, APT, APM, FL2F, FL2R, FL2S, FL2, FL2R-V;
  • measurement sensors: HLA laser series, PBZ series edge sensors.

  • valves and actuators: VY5100, VY5302A, VY5302C, VY5303, VY54X0F, V5065A, VY6300B, VYD;
  • Neopanel user terminal for Infilex series regulators: QY7205;
  • Neopanel user terminal (IVC / IFC / Microstat): QY7290;
  • thermostats with LCD display series: GY-HL;
  • converters: RYY792.
  • limit switches: LJA, LJM-D, LJK-N;
  • General purpose limit switches: LS, 1LS-J700, 1LS-800, 1LS-400, VLS, SL1, LSP, LSB, laser Doppler vibrometers LDVS;
  • explosion proof: LX5000, VCX5000, 1LX5700;
  • Safety interlock switches: LJS-PA, LJS-A, LJS-E, LJS-TE, LJH;
  • main switches: BZ, V-5000, SSM;
  • Switches: LPK, PS5, Series 2.
  • digital controllers: SDC15, SDC25, SDC26, SDC35, SDC36, SDC45A, SDC46A, SDC45V, SDC46V, SDC45R, SDC46R, DMC10S, DMC10D, DMC10E, SDU10;
  • Recorders: SFR106, SFR101, SFR102, SFR103, SFR201, SFR202, SFR203, SFR206, SFR212, SFR224, CQ, SI;
  • converters: IP50, IP51, CMC10A;
  • flame safeguard controls: AUR450C, AUR350C, AUR300C, R4715B, R4715C, R4424C, R4424D, R4424E, R4440H, R4750B, R4750C, R4780B, R4780C, R4780D, FRS100, AUD300C, SDC46R, DMC10, A47300C, R4780D, FRS100, AUD300C, SDC46R, DMC10, R4780C
  • Drives: PGM10N, PGM10F, PGU410, ECM3000, RN748A, HM, VEN4000B, VEN4000C, CCM21, CCM22, AGVB, AGVM;
  • Sensors: YY, SPC621A, SPC621B, HTY78, HTY79, FDW10, RHS301, RHS302, SPS40E, SPS300A, SPS300B;
  • mechanical controllers: L91B, L91D, L404F, C6065, C6097A;
  • controllers for gas consumption and control of goods: MCF, CMS, CMS1500, MPC, CMG, MVF, CML, MCS100, MCW400A100, CMQ-V, FC, MFF100, MFF300.

Building management system savic-net FX
BCY45300M, BCY46300M, BCY44100, BCY45301M, BCY53100, BCY2211, FX BEMS,
BSI47200000, ITALYS & ITALIAN SERVERS, CONSTRUCTIONS GYY-ELM-4, GYY-ELR-4, GYY-ELM-4, GYY-SL, WY5511, WY5311, WY5610, WY5611, WY5317C0, WY5517C, WY5317C0, WY5510 (Type IP), WY5310 (LonTalk), WY710 

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